1. All applicants to the Ghana Campus take an Entrance Exam to indicate their readiness for university studies. The exam provides an assessment of language and critical thinking skills. 

    The next exam dates will be during the week of February 17. Contact ghana@webster.edu with questions about applying and registering to take an Entrance Exam.

  2. A new look for our “mobile marketing” in Ghana. 


  3. Statement regarding Nelson Mandela

    Webster University Campus Ghana together with the six Webster University campuses world wide join the people of Ghana in honoring Nelson Mandela.  The Webster Campus in Ghana founded by Webster University in the United States has at its core a commitment to the democracy, social justice and a respect of all peoples of any race.  Nelson Mandela was the advocate for all of these same principles in Africa and stands as a major spokesperson of these principles worldwide. 

    It is an honor for Webster University to be present in Ghana and to be part in particular on the development of these principles in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa.

    Please find the link to the eloquent statement on Nelson Mandela by   John Dramani Mahama, President of Ghana.  This statement appeared in the New York Times on  December 7’ 2013.

    Thomas R. Oates

    Director, Webster University Ghana Campus.

  4. Roadside stand near the Ghana campus. Photo by Dr. Tom Oates.


  5. Check out this story from Voice of America about our new Accra campus …

  6. These are just a few random photos taken by employees in the Accra area. The top photo is of the shopping mall in Accra, the second photo shows a young boy on a toy car, and the third of of a fountain. The fourth photo shows the downtown region and some of the construction that is going on there.

  8. We have a booth in the Accra mall. Stop by and say hello.

  9. More signs are going up around the Webster Ghana Campus. 

  10. These are photos taken at Mole National Park, Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge. The animals pictured are elephants, Cape Buffalo, warthogs, baboons, and antelope. Interestingly enough, the most dangerous animal in these photos is the Cape Buffalo. They have a notoriously short temper. Photos by Dr. Tom Oates